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0 Lightroom The Easy Way
70 Dazzling Long Exposure Photography Examples and Tips
Although this is an older site, it is one of the strongest arts communities on the Internet. It currently has more than 1.5 million users, and it caters to all sorts of visual and written arts, but photography is heavily represented. is a free learning site by macro photographer Johan J. Ingles - Le Nobel geared towards budget-conscious intermediate level macro photographers who want to know how to do extreme macro photography and the equipment that we use.
Florida Camera CLub Council (FCC)
If you are a gadget-head, this is your site.
If you are going on the Internet for imformation on camers, this is a good site, and should be your first port of call for any digital photography reviews and news. Oh, and it has a pretty usefull set of forums too.
If you are keeping track of funky, exciting side of photography, this site is a good bet. At its core it is a newsletter that is guaranteed to bring a sime to your face.
Images from Annual 12-12-12 Year End Dinner-Atlantis Country Club. Images by Suzanne Schwartzman, Fran and Bill Swirsky
Matt Greer is a writer who has a gift of explaining Photoshop in words that even your grandomother would be able to understand -- and not just the simple stuff either.
On this site you will find tutorials that relate to Photoshop Elements and Photoshop CCs
Photographic Society of America (PSA)
Photography in nothing without ighting. If you want to go deeper into this subject, go here which is dedicated to getting the most out of flashes and flash photography.
The site is one of the most potent sources for budding photographers. It is in the enviable position of attracting some of the big names in photography. Visiting Photoworkshop is as much an overall learning experience as a way to get fantastic feedback on
This blog is quite heavily do-it-yourself based with a show-and-tell approach to phtographic techniques
This is a photo critiqe site with a difference, as it is based on the general idea of a series of challenges. The challenges are presented with a time limit for submissions.
This site is now a massive community of amateur and professional photographers alike, covering just about any type of content you can imagine.
This site is obsessed about tracking the developments and news in the world of photographic technology.
This site's real strength is its extremely active forums. A large number of highly talented photographers frequent the forums, and if you have any questions about any photographic topic, this is a good place to turn to.

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